Download Counting Crows - Mr. Jones - REMASTERED MP3

Counting Crows - Mr. Jones - REMASTERED MP3

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Title Counting Crows - Mr. Jones - REMASTERED
Duration 04:30
File Format mp3
Mime Type audio/mpeg
Bitrate 128 kbps
Size 6.18 MB
Views 18,450x
Uploaded on 04 Februari 2020

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Hi guys and girls! My name is Nick and welcome to Mastering Revolution. And what is Mastering Revolution? Digitally remastered music tracks for a a cleaner, sharper, wider and more refined listening experience with sound that never heard before. Music the way it was meant to be heard and sounds better than the original. IMPORTANT: To understand the difference, always use a descent sound system or a good pair of headphones. Definitely, you won't "feel" the difference at all, with the speaker of your smartphone.

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Note 1:

Due to the complicated and versatile algorithms of Youtube's audio track uploading normalisation process, even with the use of a top analyzer, a limiter and a lot of other mastering effects to calculate the needed lufs for proper uploading, some tracks may not hear as loud as the originals but that doesn't mean they don't sound better. To understand the difference of the remastered track compared to the original, if the original track sounds louder, just pump up the volume as much as needed.

Note 2:

I can make multiple remastered versions for each track but I always choose only one to upload. When I upload a music track on YouTube, sometimes I don't like the sound very much because it sounds a lot different from my desktop. But instead of re-making the track, I choose to move on to the next just because I don't want to lose time. If you don't like the sound of a track, just tell me and I will make it again.

Note 3:

I'm an amateur mastering engineer and I'm doing this mostly for fun and because I really love audio mastering. Every song is unique and a completely different challenge with multiple characteristics that don't match to another song before so there is a lot of work to be done for each song. There isn't any standard pattern that you can use on every song. Sometimes (not always), I'm so excited with the results that I really want to share my work. Beyond that, having a second set (or a lot!) of ears to evaluate my work is priceless and that’s where YouTube comes in and becomes an invaluable asset through all of you who click my videos and listen to them with fresh ears. So, don't hesitate to comment if you don't like the sound of a song and tell me what you didn't like. That's how I'm going to improve myself.

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