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Title nate & jules | skin to bone
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»heart made of glass. my mind of stone.«
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these two are probably one of the most complex, interesting and multi-faceted dynamics i've ever watched on a high school centred show. i was actually really surprised at how hard it was fitting all their scenes/easter eggs into this video considering we at this point in time barely have any full length scenes and the fact that i feel like sam has barely scratched the surface when it comes to their dynamic. that just speaks to how well done and well written their relationship is.

long story short they really are the antithesis to each other - two very different sides of the same coin. jules telling her therapist she's always felt like she's needed to conquer men to conquer femininity and nate having spent all of his life trying to conquer women to conquer masculinity and both of them failing in the long run and ending up worse for the wear in the process. it's just so extremely complicated and fascinating.

i really appreciate how sam made it a point to once and for all show and clarify nate's feelings about jules to the audience this season. i've always known that his feelings were genuine (regardless of it being tainted by trauma and his need to protect himself and his family) but this season only confirmed that further. i think it was super interesting to get inside his head and get a look at his true feelings and desires. i do think he was wasted being cassie's bland toxic boyfriend for pretty much 80% of the season (especially considering how interesting he was in season 1) and i think the relationship could have been cut in half screen time wise and made way more sense but i think it was made perfectly clear from pretty much the beginning that he was using her as a jules replacement and because of that i can't be fully mad at it or even call it a waste of time.

i do wish we had seen WAY more from jules pov this season. she's my absolute favorite character on the show and after the beautiful bridge episode i expected so much from her this season. yet... she was nothing but a plot device for rue and her sobriety. i don't think she was out of character for the most part but the lack of agency and screen time for her made it so hard to understand her actions and she honestly didn't even feel like a person? more like a means to an end. there were so many potential plots they could have explored (her mom, her dad, her relationship with femininity, her feelings about nate, her mental health, scenes with the other girls - i could literally go on) yet it was crickets. it was foul and both jules and hunter deserved so much better. season 3 please be good to us and let jules finally enter her official main character era like she always was meant to.

regarding what i want for these two in the season(s) to come i think three words comes to mind. tragedy, chaos and clarity. i don't root for these two in a traditional "i want endgame!" sense. i don't think nate deserves a happy ending after all the hurt he's inflicted on the people around him. i don't see him being fully redeemed in a way that would make him deserving of a HEA with jules (maybe sam will change my mind? who knows? right now i just don't see it) but with jules being the only person on that show he actually cares about, the only person he has an emotional connection with and the only person that holds any power over him the only outcome i see is her being the end of him in some shape or form. i don't know how it'll happen or what she'll do but i'm convinced it's going down in one way or another.

i just feel like these two need to once and for all confront each other and the mutual feelings and issues that try as they might won't go away to truly and completely move forward instead of using other people as foils for each other (cough mr. soundcloud rapper and miss ice princess) and i just know jacob and hunter will give the performances of their careers. they're just so extremely good on screen together and always give us unforgettable moments every single time they interact.

anyway, i truly did my best to show the complexities and the ins and outs of their dynamic in this video and i really hope y'all enjoy the final result! thank you so much for watching🤍

show | euphoria
song | lovely
artist | billie eilish ft. khalid
slowed by | modernized on soundcloud
coloring | alessabelikov

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