Download The Equalizer: Clips + Trailer MP3

The Equalizer: Clips + Trailer MP3

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Title The Equalizer: Clips + Trailer
Duration 12:38
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Uploaded on 18 Maret 2021

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If you love the movie The Equalizer with Denzel Washington as much as we do, you will enjoy our selection of some of the best scenes! You will also find the trailer at the end of the video.

00:00 Disrespect the badge
03:07 The Local dinner
06:42 Armed robbery

09:53 Trailer

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What’s the movie The Equalizer about?
When Robert McCall’s (Denzel Washington) close friend, Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo), is killed, he brings together all his skills and resources to find the culprit and avenge her death.

Credits: © 2018 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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