Download If I could Tell Her - Dear Evan Hansen [ANIMATIC] MP3

If I could Tell Her - Dear Evan Hansen [ANIMATIC] MP3

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Title If I could Tell Her - Dear Evan Hansen [ANIMATIC]
Duration 04:10
File Format mp3
Mime Type audio/mpeg
Bitrate 128 kbps
Size 5.72 MB
Views 3,386,174x
Uploaded on 02 Juni 2017

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bfore anythn els ... THIS IS FROM A MUSICALL for those who dont know i hope i answered ur kwestchnn hmmhmnnn

Edit: soo.. a couple of people have been asking what this video or this musical rather is all about and here I am explaining to yall who havent watched :3
(btw I just copied this from a reply i sent in the comments section a few weeks ago)
also.. this explanation is just about this particular song and not the whole entire musical
oke so the guy that sings is a guy who likes the girl and the other guy that occasionally appears is the girl's dead brother.
soo... he died yeah? and then the girl didnt feel like he deserved her appreciation i guess lol so the guy that sings also likes the girl but she doesnt know so he sings about his feelings for her but sings it in a way that those words he said was from her dead brother..
but in my version i made it the best of both worlds where you see both sides of their story whether the dead brother really felt that way or not
but you know...the only way to really get it is by watching and listnening to it for real lol

I rushed this one blerp
you can tell the parts where i gave up lol
but yeah.. I still think it turned out great.. I think

This song man.. it... it just is.. yep

Also spoiler alert: there's a part here at the ending where it just.. gets me man. idk bout you but :D

ALSO also.. school is starting in literally 3 days aaaaaah. ((pray for me T T)) which means I wont be able to upload that frequently anymore cuz.. busy. REALLY SORRY.. BUTplizdununsubscribelol

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If I could Tell Her
from: Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack

myep :3

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